Events and non-events

“You haven’t posted anything in x days,” Facebook nags me.
Well, no, Facebook, I haven’t. I’ve been sick for two months, and it’s been all I can do to keep up with my teaching obligations, let alone other paying work, never mind attempting to do any marketing for Loyal Valley: Captives now that I’ve finally managed to get the cover set up such that CreateSpace won’t resize it incorrectly or attempting to start on Loyal Valley: Diversion. Thanks for the automatic guilt trip!

The joys of life with chronic illness…

Because I am so woefully behind with teaching and fighting such severe fatigue, I’ve decided not to try to make it to Fort Croghan or Llano Wild West Weekend this year. The book sales would be a help financially, but I’m just not up to it. However, I will be at the Kingsland Library’s Breakfast with the Authors tomorrow, Oct. 7, from 9 to 10:30.

Also, this past Saturday, I got to meet and have a lovely chat with Celia Hayes, who also writes about the German Texan experience during the 19th century! We swapped books, and I’m looking forward to making time to read The Quivera Trail, which is set around the same time as Loyal Valley. I’m also looking forward to her forthcoming Tales of Luna City, which sounds like the kind of book anyone who’s lived in a small town will find hilarious because we know all the characters….

Coming SOON!


Murder, especially mass murder, will out. When civilian investigators stumble upon part of Number Seven’s schemes in the summer of 1870, Lt. Col. Clint Donovan and two of his teammates must race halfway across Texas to save their lives and find out what they know. But even that may solve only half of the problem—especially when Clint and his men meet the ladies involved.

Life on the frontier has plenty of risks of its own, however, and not just from the elements. A husband-hunting New York socialite runs away to Loyal Valley, only to discover that dime novels don’t reflect what Texas is really like. And she’s not the only one in danger when an old enemy returns to wreak more havoc of his own accord.

There’s more to war than bullets, wits, and nerve. Who will keep his head and his life, and who will lose his freedom… or his heart?

Yes, Loyal Valley: Captives is now available for ebook pre-orders through Smashwords and KindleDirect! I aim to have paperbacks available by the time the ebooks officially release on Aug. 31.

Also, for new readers, I’m offering the first two books in the series for 99¢ apiece on Smashwords for a limited time! Use coupon code ZB26E for Assassination and DR88E for Bystanders. Please note, however, that these coupons are good only at Smashwords and only through September 9!