The things you find in old newspapers….

Or: The more things change….

Work continues apace on Loyal Valley: Captives, which I hope to have finished by the time school starts. But in doing some research via UNT’s The Portal of Texas History just now, I ran across this tidbit, reprinted in the Houston Evening Telegraph of August 5, 1870, during the early days of the Franco-Prussian War:

NEW YORK, July 22
MY COUNTRYMEN. – Arouse from your lethargy and let not your stupidity sully the fair fame of our immortal country. Here in America Frenchmen and Germans vie in nationality, and is it a crime to meet and plan for the redemption of unhappy Ireland. England cannot play a neutral part on the stage of this European war. The hour of England’s destruction is at hand. Will you give no aid for her annihilation? My proposition is to throw an army into the heart of England and deface her from the map of Europe and sling her ashes to the winds of Heaven. A Directory should be formed on the plan of Wolf Tone, and the sooner the better.
Yours truly,
A United Irishman.

The editors’ note is all the commentary needed, even now:

We take the above from the New York Sun, and present it as a looking glass for the extreme Democrats of Texas to see themselves in.