Small Business Saturday

Lord have mercy, what a year it’s been. Still sick. Still stressed. Still need new glasses.

The good news is that I have gotten quite a bit accomplished this fall. You may have noticed a couple of new links and social media buttons in the sidebar–I’ve finally launched my new Etsy shop, E. Wolfe Mercantile, mostly to sell the items I’m crocheting but also as an outlet to offer autographed copies of my books online. And since a fair amount of Etsy’s marketing is done on Instagram, I’ve bitten the bullet and gotten an account there. I’ve added a sizeable number of new designs to my CafePress shop as well, including the new “Quotation Corner” and “Doc Wolfe’s Whimsies” sections; I hope to add more designs to both in the coming weeks. On the writing front, I spent most of September compiling my first textbook; it’s very much tailored to my own syllabus and lacks a lot of the study helps that would make it marketable to a broader audience, but it’s an accomplishment nonetheless.

The bad news is that it looks like Loyal Valley: Diversion isn’t getting done this year, either. I have been working on it–if you follow me on Goodreads, you’ve probably noticed some of the research texts I’ve been reading–but with eeeeeverything else that’s been going on and that I still have to do between now and Christmas (including grading five sets of essays!), there’s no way I can finish the book before the holiday sales deadline.

So what I’m hoping right now is that I’ll be able to have Diversion ready to launch in time for West Texas Heritage Days at Fort McKavett the first weekend in May. There’s a slight chance I’ll have an event happening before then, and if so, I might get Diversion finished in time for that–but there’s no guarantee on either score. Once Diversion is out and I’m able to publish the first hardcover omnibus, I’ll start thinking again about the poetry book and the next Order of the Silver Star book.

Want to help out? Buy something! 😄 If nothing I’m selling takes your fancy, you can pledge monthly support through Patreon or send a one-time donation through Ko-fi. Signal boosts are always welcome, too; there’s only so much marketing I can do myself, even on a good day.


Announcing a New Venture!

Yessiree, I been an’ gone an’ done it:

shop banner

The Frontier Calligrapher will be an outlet for selling my calligraphy designs and Celtic knotwork art, along with some other fun stuff. I’m starting small with a selection of journals, note cards, postcards, and framed tiles, but I’ve already got a decent buffer of designs ready to add and more in the draft stage, and of course I can add more products like mugs and T-shirts as I go along. Please come see what I have so far, and check back frequently for new designs!

New Year, New Plans

So, long time no blog, eh wot? Joys of chronic illness….

As frustrating as the latter third of 2015 was for me health-wise, however, I’m determined not to let such things hold me back (at least as far as I can do anything about them) in 2016. I plan to finish at least Loyal Valley: Diversion, release an omnibus collection of the first four volumes in that series, and commission audiobooks of everything that’s out thus far. I still plan to participate in Fort McKavett’s West Texas Heritage days (now in May) and hope to do the same at Fort Martin Scott and possibly some other living history events in the area. And there’s a potential opportunity that I’ll share more about if it gets closer to reality.

And you can help make all these things happen.

I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for Patreon, which allows you to pledge recurring monthly support–as little as $1/mo. or as much as you want to give. Various levels of support will receive a variety of rewards, like exclusive sneak previews of book content and acknowledgement here and in print. The more funds I can raise in this way, the less time I’ll have to spend scraping together a living through freelancing and the more time I can devote to writing and research.

(I don’t currently plan to quit teaching, even if I no longer need the money. Teaching is fun.)

I’ve also got myself a YouTube channel now. Not that I know what I’ll do with it yet–it might be more for Patreon stuff–but it’s there. 😀 I’d like to get back to Literature You Should Know over on Smash Cut Culture, too, assuming I have the time and energy.

So that’s what’s new with me. Alles Gute zum Neuen Jahr!


Coming SOON!


Murder, especially mass murder, will out. When civilian investigators stumble upon part of Number Seven’s schemes in the summer of 1870, Lt. Col. Clint Donovan and two of his teammates must race halfway across Texas to save their lives and find out what they know. But even that may solve only half of the problem—especially when Clint and his men meet the ladies involved.

Life on the frontier has plenty of risks of its own, however, and not just from the elements. A husband-hunting New York socialite runs away to Loyal Valley, only to discover that dime novels don’t reflect what Texas is really like. And she’s not the only one in danger when an old enemy returns to wreak more havoc of his own accord.

There’s more to war than bullets, wits, and nerve. Who will keep his head and his life, and who will lose his freedom… or his heart?

Yes, Loyal Valley: Captives is now available for ebook pre-orders through Smashwords and KindleDirect! I aim to have paperbacks available by the time the ebooks officially release on Aug. 31.

Also, for new readers, I’m offering the first two books in the series for 99¢ apiece on Smashwords for a limited time! Use coupon code ZB26E for Assassination and DR88E for Bystanders. Please note, however, that these coupons are good only at Smashwords and only through September 9!


Two quick announcements

Llano area folks, if you’re headed to the Castell VFD fundraiser this evening, I’m donating a set of books to the auction!

Also, you may have noticed a new addition to the sidebar. Yes, I finally bit the bullet and set up a page on Facebook! I’ll post minor updates there sporadically, as well as links to my articles on Smash Cut Culture. 🙂

Lord willing, more soon on Loyal Valley: Captives….


Support Your Local Sheriff Fantasist!

Heads-up, fantasy fans: John D. Payne, with whom I’ve crossed paths through AoSHQ, has alerted me to an absolute steal on indie fantasy books through StoryBundle–twelve books for $15–but the offer is good only through tomorrow!


Stormy Weather

…which I like much better as a song, at the moment….

Because the weather this weekend is supposed to be Nasty, the Texas Independence Day Celebration in Granbury has been postponed to March 21-22, coinciding with another previously scheduled local event (General Granbury’s birthday). On the one hand, I’m disappointed; on the other hand, I wasn’t looking forward to sitting out in the cold and rain, especially with both my display and my mom’s requiring having books out!


I won something!

Honorable mention, but at least I made the top ten in Liberty Island’s “Non-Traditional Holiday Fiction Contest”! Hope you enjoy my story, “Water like a Stone,” and also check out the other winners. 🙂


Life Happens

What was it Robert Burns said about the best-laid plans?

Yeah, was not expecting to be laid up with “the dreaded lurgi” (mostly allergies but with what I suspect was a viral component as well) for the better part of the last month. And it affected my voice, which meant not being able to make a number of phone calls that I really ought to have made. And my reenacting buddy is dealing with some family emergencies on her end. So I wasn’t able to make it to the Loyal Valley VFD fundraiser over the weekend, and I’m bowing out of Fort Croghan for this year as well.
Blah humbug. But so it goes. That’s life for you.

BUT I am definitely going to be at the Kingsland Library tomorrow for the Friends of the Library meeting and on October 9 for Breakfast with the Authors. I’m also planning still to have a table at Llano Heritage Days–author-focused, but I’ll probably still be in costume and may display some of my calligraphy just as an eye-catcher–and have appearances at the libraries in San Saba and Wimberley the next week as well. And I’m doing more brainstorming on Loyal Valley in the hope of getting unstuck soon enough to potentially have Book 3 out in time for Christmas–no promises, but I’ll try.
Whee, busyness! But so it goes. That’s life for you. 😀


Publishing news!

At long last, we’ve got a release date for Supernatural, Humanity, and the Soul: On the Highway to Hell and Back! We contributors have been told late September or early October. Let your local library know that you’re interested!