The Order of the Silver Star

The Order of the Silver Star
Series Prologue

Every nation, every land, has heroes. Some places simply seem more prone to produce heroes than others.

There is, in fact, a reason for this state of affairs. After the Flood, God set about establishing areas suitable for human habitation, and among them He set aside certain areas to imbue with special blessing. Their climate might be mild or harsh; they might be small islands or large swaths of continent. But in every case, He foreknew that those lands would attract a certain kind of person—and, as Satan was sure to rear particularly monstrous threats to the humans who settled there, those lands would need to give rise to particularly heroic protectors. Divine aid would always be available to those who called on the name of the Lord, but there were some things humankind could, and should, be able to do for itself. So India, for example, would have its Sikhs and Gurkhas; New Zealand would have its Maori; the British Isles would teem with examples through the ages, not least of which would be the Order of the Round Table.

But what G. K. Chesterton would later call “a nation with the soul of a church” needed something different. So for all the grace God shed on that land from sea to shining sea, He reserved a special measure for the one state that would bear the name of a virtue.

Friendship. Texas.

In some ways, Texas would always be wild: the summers hot, the surface water scarce, the weather unpredictable, the creatures strange and fanciful. Wild men and madwomen would find their wildness amplified, and weaker minds and wills might well be broken there. But Texans, on the whole, would be hardy people, exactly the sort of stock from which a line of heroes might easily spring.

And spring it did, and with it legend. Like any order of heroes, it had its share of triumphs and failures, breakdowns and dissolutions. It was composed of men, after all, not of angels, and few recognized their brotherhood as the renewal of knighthood that it might well have been. But though they never bore the name Merlin foretold for them, it fits them all the same.

The Order of the Silver Star lives still. These are their tales.

Important note: If you have concerns about the fantasy content of this series, please read this post.

Look Behind You
In the spring of 1941, with the SS wielding dark magic and the courts of Faërie loath to intervene in mortal wars, the Round Table’s true heirs must act to defend Europe’s freedom in ways the Allied forces cannot. And the Nazis have good reason to fear, for as Merlin foresaw, the Order of the Silver Star is coming to make Hitler’s worst nightmare come true.
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Look Behind You

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