Novella Series, Novels, and Short Story Anthologies

At present, I’m working on two historical fiction series. Click on the links below to learn more.

Loyal Valley

The Order of the Silver Star

I’ve contributed to a couple of short story anthologies published by Witty Word Press:

Witty Word Press Anthologies

And I’ve also just published a stand-alone novel, Locksley & Fitzwalter: The Case of the Missing Mayor:

Cleveland, 1922: Crime-fighting Mayor Richard Leon has been missing for over a year, and under John Lackland’s administration, corruption has gone from bad to worse. Now, newlyweds Robin Locksley and Marian Fitzwalter and a band of like-minded friends have established a detective agency in the suburb of Nottingham, intent on acting when the police won’t. But when their first client, Eleanor Curtmantle, reveals that Leon has been kidnapped by bootleggers, the race is on to find and rescue him before Lackland and his goons can kill the mayor and the city in one blow.

Available from: Amazon | Smashwords | Apple Books | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Other retailers coming soon

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