Rates for Services

Rates are negotiable within reason. Availability varies–please send a query to egwolfephd at outlook dot com first, as I may already be overbooked.

German-English Translation and Proofreading
Translation: $0.07/source word (unless source words cannot be counted, in which case the rate applies per target word)
Proofreading: $0.03/source word
For major projects, such as a book, I am willing to negotiate a flat fee.
For more info, see my TranslatorsCafe profile.

Manuscript Services
Manuscript critique: $30/hr (addresses only big-picture quality issues and does not include marketability)
Copy-editing: $3/manuscript page (pages must be double-spaced)

For new clients, beginning August 1, 2014:
Manuscript critique: $40/hr
Copy-editing: $4/manuscript page

Digital manuscripts only. Word files (.doc, .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) preferred; PDFs are acceptable for straight critique. Sorry, I cannot accept files in Open Office or WordPerfect.

Index: $3/proof page (for new clients, beginning August 1, 2014: $4/proof page)
Please send your publisher’s indexing guidelines with the proof PDF.


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