Upcoming (Last-Minute!) Events

Boy oh boy, these last five months have been insane, and not just for health reasons. (Yes, I’m still sick. Yes, I did get a diagnosis from the test I mentioned in my last post. Yes, we’ve tried medication. No, we haven’t found one that helps long-term yet.) If it’s not one thing, it’s another–and a lot of what’s happened has been totally unpredictable, like my HVAC system needing to be replaced and then the A/C going out because the inside unit had developed a hole somewhere, or the replacement heating element in my parents’ oven catching fire. (We’re all fine, and nothing was damaged except the stove.)

So it’s only in the last week that we’ve decided that we definitely are going to West Texas Heritage Days at Fort McKavett on May 5-6. And just today I accepted an invitation to participate in a Facebook event celebrating the release of a new children’s book, Francine’s New Name, by my dear friend Caitlin McCulloch. The event runs this Saturday and Sunday at this link, and I’ll be plugging my wares in the 6-7 p.m. CDT slot on Saturday.

Still working on designs for the CafePress shop, by the way, when I have time, and still working on Loyal Valley: Diversion. Hoping to have those out… sometime this summer? Maybe?

Last but not least, I’ve recently set up a profile over on BookBub. As expensive as their Featured Deals are, I doubt I’ll be able to afford one in the foreseeable future, but you can at least follow me there for info on future ebook releases.


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