Life Happens

What was it Robert Burns said about the best-laid plans?

Yeah, was not expecting to be laid up with “the dreaded lurgi” (mostly allergies but with what I suspect was a viral component as well) for the better part of the last month. And it affected my voice, which meant not being able to make a number of phone calls that I really ought to have made. And my reenacting buddy is dealing with some family emergencies on her end. So I wasn’t able to make it to the Loyal Valley VFD fundraiser over the weekend, and I’m bowing out of Fort Croghan for this year as well.
Blah humbug. But so it goes. That’s life for you.

BUT I am definitely going to be at the Kingsland Library tomorrow for the Friends of the Library meeting and on October 9 for Breakfast with the Authors. I’m also planning still to have a table at Llano Heritage Days–author-focused, but I’ll probably still be in costume and may display some of my calligraphy just as an eye-catcher–and have appearances at the libraries in San Saba and Wimberley the next week as well. And I’m doing more brainstorming on Loyal Valley in the hope of getting unstuck soon enough to potentially have Book 3 out in time for Christmas–no promises, but I’ll try.
Whee, busyness! But so it goes. That’s life for you. 😀

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