On writer’s block

Goodreads recently debuted a feature whereby authors can accept questions (kind of like an ask box on Tumblr, I think, though I’m not terribly familiar with Tumblr), and the system helpfully generated a handful of questions to get authors started. One was, “How do you deal with writer’s block?”

I almost laughed bitterly, because I’ve been battling writer’s block all summer. The best recommendation I’ve heard and made use of, naturally, is to work on something else, but lately even that’s been a struggle.

There’s a mental component to it, of course, as with many things. I need to pluck up my courage and send some emails for research help for the next Order of the Silver Star book, and while I know the basic plot for the next Loyal Valley book, the details are proving frustratingly elusive. (I may have to break down and work on the parts of Books 4 and 5 that I’ve got clear in my mind, just to get something written!) And I do have Smash Cut Culture added to the mix lately, although in truth, that doesn’t take up nearly as much time and energy as one might think.

But physical and emotional elements play a role, too. And on that score, while it’s not the sort of thing I feel comfortable blogging about much, I’ve been dealing with a lot this year. Nothing major/life-threatening, but draining all the same. And while I’m feeling better now, even after a fairly rough week, than I did earlier in the summer, it hit me a couple of days ago how deeply exhausted and dry I feel.

The thing about feelings? They pass eventually.

I’m really not trying to complain here. Another recommended cure for writer’s block is writing about how frustrated you are to be blocked, so that’s what I’m doing.

All the same, though, if you have a mind to, pray for me, for rest and refreshing and healing. I’ve been stuck in the desert (on a horse with no name) for five years now; I’m beyond ready to be on the other side.


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