To my future husband

My sweet friend Bethany wrote such a letter two years ago, almost to the day, and today she wrote another that makes me wish I were close enough to be able to run to her house and dance with her. And that’s the reason for this post.

My darling Faramir,

I love you.

I don’t know who you are, where you are, what’s going on in your life now. I do feel certain that God has promised me that you do exist and are out there somewhere searching for me. We’re of an age, I believe, and maybe you’ve been wondering whether I exist! Well, take heart, dearest. You’ve been the man of my dreams for many long years, even when I thought I was in love with someone else; you’re the tall dark handsome someone whose face I’ve never seen. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted–godly, kind, considerate, wise, someone I can trust with my life and my heart, whom I can love without reserve, who will encourage me and inspire me to keep going further up and further in with God as well as with you, that one-in-three-billion needle in a haystack full of grass burrs–and probably a lot of things I don’t yet know I want, and I fully expect you to sweep me off my feet from the day we meet at long last. I have indeed walked with you once upon a dream, and somehow I just feel sure you’ve been dreaming of me. So I’m telling you now what I’ve asked God countless times of late to tell you for me.

I love you. I’m waiting for you. I’m praying for you.

Do thou the same for me. And may the Lord watch between me and thee while we are apart.


Deine Lucy

P.S. Does that signature seem so very odd? You, of all people, should know I live for crossovers.

2 thoughts on “To my future husband

  1. There is no such thing as the perfect man. If you are waiting for him, he will never come. Quit looking. Quit waiting. Make your own life and your own happy. Be content with who you are and resign yourself to live alone. You cannot seek and destroy. You have to quit looking. When you finally become familiar with your life, your schedule, your mundane daily activities… you will see him. You may already know him. You might not. Doesn’t matter. You can’t see him if you are trying to find him. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t wait for God to drop him in your lap. You can’t worry about predestination vs free will in regards to your future husband.

    • I daresay you mean your advice kindly, Meredith, but the truth is, my life has hardly been on hold while I pine. I’ve gotten as much of an education as I want; I’ve traveled when I’ve had the funds to do so; I’ve written three books, for Pete’s sake, and am working on more! My life is very full, and there are days when just making ends meet wears me out. Making room in it for another person will take effort, and he’s going to have to be worth the time and energy. I submit my feelings of loneliness to God every time they crop up–yet I know in my heart of hearts that He has promised me that Faramir is out there (and he’s the one searching for me, if I’m not mistaken).
      As for perfect? Psst. I have far too many guy friends to make that assumption. And most of them are married by now! No, I’m not looking for “the perfect man,” just the right one… somebody who’ll mow the lawn and move the furniture when he vacuums.

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