Wow, thanks for the reminder, WordPress… seems I’ve been here a year already! Time hasn’t just flown, it’s teleported. o.O

Lots of things happening of late, some of which aren’t blog-worthy. I’ve added a Scheduled Appearances page with some new and pending dates, and I hope to have more to add/confirm soon. I’ve also added more retailer links on the book series pages. (NB: Don’t search for Loyal Valley: Bystanders on Oyster. They don’t have it, and the second search result is erotica. XP I’d complain, but I don’t know that it would do any good!) Also also, if you haven’t been following my weekly lit posts at Smash Cut Culture, today might be a good day to catch up!

I have started the next Loyal Valley installment (barely), but I don’t yet know if I’ll be able to finish it by October. Loooots of other factors involved, not least of which is my muse seeming to have taken a vacation. Maybe school starting will actually help….


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