Just in time for West Texas Heritage Days:


An unconventional enemy resorts to unconventional tactics. Determined to lure Lt. Col. Clint Donovan and his military intelligence team to their deaths, Number Seven’s operatives make a deal with an Apache warrior whose cruelty is legendary even among his own people and whose involvement stirs up the torturous ghosts of Bella Donovan’s past. A widowed horse rancher sends Clint timely warning, but even that can’t prevent the Apaches from taking a neighbor’s sons as bait for an ambush, and Clint’s informant finds herself on the wrong end of Number Seven’s wrath as a result of her actions. As Clint’s choices set the stage for a cavalryman’s finest hour and a town’s hard lesson in courage, the same question arises time and again:
Is there such a thing as an innocent bystander?

Due to time constraints, ebooks will most likely have to wait until after I get back from Fort McKavett, but you can order the paperbacks now from Amazon and CreateSpace (regular and large print). And if you’re planning to come to Fort McKavett next weekend, it might be wise for you to order now, since my stock will be limited!


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