Three things make a post?

Well, four–*waves to folks from AoSHQ who might still be wandering by*

So the other day the folks who run the G. K. Chesterton page on Facebook posted this quote that illustrates one of the reasons why I’m trying to post once a day through Epiphany:

I take a grim and gloomy pleasure in reminding my fellow hacks and hired drudges in the dreadful trade of journalism that the Christmas which is now over ought to go on for the remainder of the twelve days. It ought to end on the Twelfth Night, on which occasion Shakespeare has himself assured us that we ought to be doing What we Will. But one of the queerest things about our own topsy-turvy time is that we all hear such a vast amount about Christmas just before it comes, and suddenly hear nothing at all about it afterwards. My own trade, the tragic guild to which I have already alluded, is trained to begin prophesying Christmas somewhere about the beginning of autumn; and the prophecies about it are like prophecies about the Golden Age and the Day of Judgment combined. Everybody writes about what a glorious Christmas we are going to have. Nobody, or next to nobody, ever writes about the Christmas we have just had. I am going to make myself an exasperating exception in this matter. I am going to plead for a longer period in which to find out what was really meant by Christmas; and a fuller consideration of what we have really found.
–G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, Dec. 28, 1935

I really can’t think of anything to add to that. I usually can’t with Chesterton. 😀
And since the Catholic Church celebrates today as the Feast of Our Lady of Bethlehem, have a couple of my favorite Mary-centered carols by a couple of my favorite bands:

I’m not Catholic myself, but I do think Mary deserves honor in the same sense that everyone who takes a major risk to obey God does. And saying yes to becoming the mother of God’s Son as a betrothed virgin was an enormous risk–had Joseph not stood by her, she could well have become a total outcast at best. After all, whoever heard of a woman becoming pregnant without there being a man involved? Even this month, Scientific American (I think it was) went to the trouble of publishing an article proving that parthenogenesis is scientifically impossible… but that’s the point! That’s why it’s a miracle! And that, I believe, is why God chose to come this way, to shock the world into taking notice that He can do the impossible when it’s within His will.


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