Never a dull moment…

"You *never hear* about these things if you don't live here!"
“You never hear about these things if you don’t live here!”

It’s been a busy couple of months here in the Hill Country! Aside from the events I’ve had scheduled, I’ve been working on making contacts with area stores to find outlets for selling Loyal Valley: Assassination. So far I can announce that it’s available at the Llano Feed Store and at The BookShop in Marble Falls.

I’m also in the process of arranging authorial events for next year. I’ll be at the Lakeshore Library in Tow, TX, on February 18 at 2:30 pm and at a Friends of the Library meeting at the Kingsland Library on September 23. There are more potential signings in the works, and I’ll post more about them when they’re official!

More than one way to write a book....
More than one way to write a book….

Still working on calligraphy and reenactment stuff, too, and I hope to have more to post along those lines soon. I do plan to be at West Texas Heritage Days at Fort McKavett in March and at Fort Croghan Day and Llano Heritage Festival again in October.

Unfortunately, Liberty Island has had to delay its launch until next month due to technical difficulties. More on that front as soon as I know what’s what.

(And you know you’re a tired dyslexic medievalist when your fingers keep wanting to type hwæt instead of what….)

Thanks to Florence Reeves for the photos!

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