Other publishing news

As some of you are aware, I don’t just write fiction.  I do write academic pieces from time to time.  One such is “The Greatest of These:  The Theological Virtues and the Problem of an Absent God in Supernatural,” a chapter I’ve contributed to On the Highway to Hell and Back:  Critical Essays on the Television Series Supernatural, edited by Susan A. George and Regina Hansen.  We just got word today that the collection has been accepted for publication by Palgrave MacMillan and should be out within the next year!

Another forthcoming academic publication of mine is “Þaʒ Hit Displese Oft:  Monastic Obedience in Patience,” which is scheduled to appear in the Summer 2013 issue of Christianity and Literature.  (Patience, for those who don’t know, is an anonymous 14th-century poetic homily on the subject of patience that has puzzled scholars for decades because its negative exemplar is… Jonah, the Bible’s poster child for disobedience.)  If you’re interested in reading it but your local library doesn’t subscribe to the journal, see if your library–or a state program like TexShare–subscribes to an online database like Academic OneFile.


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